Every time you visit the Internet, you leave certain traces, like the IP address under which you are connected with the web, and the software you use. also collects data from individual visitors, but analyses these aggregated and anonymised to answer questions, like which pages are visited most, where the majority of the visitors come from and what technology is used most. With this knowledge, we can improve our service.

To make your visit as easy as possible, your preferences are saved in a file ('cookie') on your computer, such as the language of the pages you are viewing: you only have to set this once if you use the same computer. In your browser, you can check which data has saved. Moreover, you can configure whether you henceforth would like to accept or block these data.

On some pages, you can leave your e-mail address, like the contact form. uses these addresses to contact you only when necessary. The addresses will neither be collected nor made available to third parties.

External services on

The pages on the domain may include elements from other service providers, for example advertisements and dynamic content. An overview of the external services we use is given in the table below:

 service function conditions
 Google  search engine  privacy policy

In this light the services of Google must be mentioned in particular, because we use those as search engine. Google makes use of cookies to display advertisements. These advertisements are based on the content of the page you are viewing and possibly on the web sites you visited earlier.