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Goal offers a special search engine for auditors. Only resources that are relevant to auditors and that offer information without limitations are included in the search engine. You can view a list of these resources via the menu.


The search engine is designed for everybody who is professionally concerned with auditing. Financial, internal and IT auditors from Europe are primarily the intended audience for the search engine. In the current version, only resources from Dutch-, German- and English-speaking countries are indexed, as well as resources from international organisations. To guarantee the reliability of the information, primarily information from professional bodies, supervisory authorities and recognized resources is included. Other resources are checked minutely before they are added to the search engine.

Why this service?

This service has been developed because general search engines not always deliver the right results. A global search leads often to thousends of hits, which have to be evaluated manually to find the right information. On the contrary, with a detailed search there is the risk that not all relevant information will be found; a detailed search has to be repeated several times to get the right results. The goal of a special search engine is to correct these shortcomings.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Special search engine have advantages, but also some limitations.


  • ability to search quicker and more focused in relevant sites
  • guaranteed reliable information from manually selected resources
  • no unwanted search results, like advertisements and commercial information


  • only to be used for the field of interest, not for general use
  • the risk that the indexed resources are not complete, so that important information is not found

Search engine

At the moment the search engine is implemented with the technology from Google (Custom Search Engine). Every information resource is provided with a weighting factor, so that information from certain sites is shown higher in the results than information from other sites. Web sites which are closely related to auditing are weighed higher than sites which have only an indirect relation to the profession. Moreover, the search results can be filtered by category, so that only information from a specific group is shown. Examples of categories are professional associations, regulators and magazines.

Content Management System

The page you are wachting right now is made with the content management system Joomla! All software used to create this web site is open source, except for the search technology. is grateful to everybody who has made these software available under free conditions, because without these components the service could not have been realised in this form.